Are You Considering Changing To A New Day Care? 3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Make The Move

3 December 2018
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While you child's current day care seemed great in the beginning, it is possible that things have changed. For instance, you may have changed jobs, and the current location no longer fits into the route that you take for your commute. Naturally, transferring your child to a new center is a huge change for all of you, and you can ask yourself these three questions to make sure that finding a new program is the right decision.

What Do You Dislike About the Current Arrangement?

It helps to have a firm understanding of why you want to change child care programs before you begin your search for another one. Take some time to search deep within your heart to determine the source of unhappiness. Did the staff turn over and you no longer feel that they are experienced or have a good rapport with your child? If so, then you may use this information to focus on finding a center that is better at nurturing your child's development. Alternatively, you may just need different operating hours. In this type of situation, you may have no choice but to go elsewhere. Or, you could arrange for supplemental child care if you really love the program.

What Are Your Priorities for a Center?

Every family is different, and you know what you and your child need the most from a program. Over time, your family's needs have changed, and this has altered your priorities. For example, your preschooler may be advanced in their pre-reading skills, and they need a more challenging curriculum than many centers provide. Location, cost, and special programs that are offered are additional priorities that you may need to outline to help you narrow down your options.

Does Another Program Fit Your Needs Better?

Now that you've had some time to think about why you feel that a different child care program is better for your child, it is time to start exploring what is available. Take your list of concerns and new priorities along with you for a tour to determine if another program fits your lifestyle and goals for your child better. Remember to think about the long term as you ask yourself this question so that your child can continue to benefit from continuity in their care.

Your child's day care program shapes their development. When something does not feel right or just isn't working, you sometimes have to make a move. By making sure that the new center fits your needs better, you can help your child transition into their new learning environment. Start looking into various day care programs, like those at Kidstown Drop-In Child Care Center, today.