Choices To Make When Comparing Preschool Programs For Your Child

16 August 2023
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If you have a young child who's not old enough for kindergarten yet, you might be considering preschool. Your child will probably enjoy going to preschool once they get used to being separated from you, and it could be an educational experience that helps them adjust to kindergarten later. Here are some important decisions to make when choosing your child's experience.

The Length Of Their Day

You can often choose a half-day or full-day program depending on your needs and your child's developmental stage. The school may want your child to attend daily. Preschool is different from daycare, so you probably won't be able to drop your child off randomly as it fits your schedule. Plus, following an established routine might help your child adapt to the experience more quickly.

The Type Of Activity The School Follows

Some preschools are primarily for fun. Your child may spend the day playing with other kids, listening to stories, playing outside, and doing fun activities. Other schools focus more on learning. Learning is combined with play, so your child has an enjoyable experience, but their activities are geared with educational development in mind.

Schools that are educationally based follow different philosophies. You may want to compare Waldorf, Montessori, and other educational programs that are available in your area.

The Time To Apply

Some programs are popular and fill up fast. You may need to get on a waiting list for a year or more before your child is ready to start attending. Others may be able to accept your child at the last minute. It's a good idea to start looking at what programs are available in your area that are convenient for your child to attend when your child is a baby or young toddler. If you want the best school for your child, then you'll need to start planning early.

The School Affiliation

You might find preschool programs in public schools, churches, daycare centers, or as independent schools. If your church has a program, you might feel comfortable sending your child there to be around people they see every Sunday. If cost is an issue, you may want to find a program at your local public school. If you'll need care before or after preschool, you may want a program that's bundled with a daycare center that can watch your child until you get off from work.

There are many options available in preschool programs. You can find something your child enjoys so they develop a love of going to school and get used to being separated from you. The skills learned in preschool make the transition to kindergarten much easier. For more information on preschool programs, contact a professional near you.