Important Nanny Responsibilities

22 March 2022
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Nannies can have a wide range of responsibilities depending on the household and their arrangement with the employer or family. However, some duties are typically performed by nannies, which makes it essential to understand some of these common responsibilities of a nanny. Read ahead to find out how getting a nanny will help you in child care.


Nanny care often involves taking care of the various needs of children, including cleaning up after them. Hence, it is common for many families that seek nanny care services to expect them to be responsible for some light housekeeping duties. Nannies are required to ensure that the children's clothes are always clean. Therefore, doing laundry for the children is an essential housekeeping responsibility for nannies. They also prepare meals for the children in their care. Therefore, nanny care can include preparing breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner depending on how long the children are under the nanny's care each day.

Keeping the Children Safe 

The safety of the children is considered the most critical responsibility of a nanny. This is because nanny care typically requires nannies to be around the children for most of the day when their parents or guardians are away. Therefore, nannies are required to ensure that children under their care are always safe, including when they are playing, eating, sleeping, or involved in any other activities in and out of the house. Hence, CPR certification and training have become essential qualifications for nanny care jobs. It is crucial because it improves the safety of children in nanny care since nannies can provide basic first aid to the child whenever it is required.

Engaging Children in Stimulating Activities

Nannies also have the important responsibility of ensuring that children under their care are engaged in stimulating activities. Families seeking nanny care services frequently require their children to be stimulated socially and academically throughout the day since it helps with their growth and development. Therefore, nannies have to plan for activities that they can do with the child, including reading and playtime. Reading is a stimulating activity, and it also helps develop a reading culture at an early age. Playtime also ensures that the nanny and the child can participate in other thrilling activities such as arts and crafts, visiting the park, and participating in playgroups. Hence, nannies are responsible for ensuring that the child or children under their care are occasionally engaged in activities that stimulate their growth and development.