Helpful Information About Kindergarten Preparation

19 August 2016
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Are you concerned about your child not being able to adapt fast when he or she begins elementary school? If you start preparing your child for elementary in advance, he or she will for more comfortable and confident when kindergarten begins. In this article, you will discover a list of tips that can be helpful while preparing your child for elementary school.

1. Make Sure Your Child Has a Set Bedtime

It is important to get your child in the habit of following a strict schedule. When he or she begins elementary school, class might start early in the morning. There are also kindergarten classes that begin in the afternoon, but it depends on what is available in your area. You might want to start making your child go to bed at a certain time every night. You can allow him or her more time up on weekends. Without a strict bedtime schedule, your child might feel tired and fussy when getting up early for elementary school.

2. Get Your Child Used to Being Out of Your Presence

If you have a child that is with you most of the time, he or she might feel bad when you leave him or her at elementary school for the first time. It is wise to get your child used to being out of your presence in advance. Simply try to get him or her to sleepover at a friend or family member's house every now and then. You can also consider hiring a babysitter to watch your child for a few hours each day. Putting him or her in an activity like dance or karate can also help.

3. Allow Your Child to Attend a Preschool

Sending your child to preschool is the most ideal solution for kindergarten preparation. He or she will be in an environment that closely mimics a kindergarten class. Preschools are actually beneficial in numerous ways, such as helping your child become more social. He or she will also develop good classroom habits because there will be a teacher that has rules to follow. You can expect your child to pick up good listening, mathematics, reading, writing, spelling and English skills while attending a preschool.

4. Teach Your Child at Home

Even if you opt for enrolling your child in a preschool, you can start teaching him or her at home. Investing in a curriculum, along with what is taught in preschool, can help your child when kindergarten begins.Contact a preschool so your child's kindergarten preparation can begin. For more info, reach out to a school such as Kid's Country Child Care & Learning Center.