3 Fun Flower Activities To Do With Your Preschool Class

5 May 2017
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With spring underway, now is a great time to do some spring flower-themed activities with your preschool class. Below are three different fun activities, all based around flowers, that you can do with your preschool class this spring.

#1 Spring Flower Walk

Children learn best by seeing and experiencing things for themselves first hand. As flowers are in all stages of the life cycle right now, some closed up blooms and others fully open and showing all of their beautiful glory, this is the perfect time to go on a spring flower walk.

As you go on your spring flower walk with your students, have them point out the flowers that they see. Talk about the size of the actual flower, and the plant that the flower is part of. Discuss the different colors that you see. Remind your students not to pick the flowers, just to look at them, especially if the flowers are growing in people's lawns or are part of the local landscaping.

#2 Spring Flower Drawing

When you get back to the classroom, hold a circle time where you talk more about the flowers that you saw. Try to source pictures of flowers beforehand that you know grow in the area, and share with your students the names of those flowers.

After you discuss the flowers that you saw, provide your students with materials to draw their favorite flowers that they saw on their walk. Provide your students with pictures of flowers so that they can look at them while they draw.

If you have time, have your students tell you about their flowers and write down what they have to say to their drawings. Your students will love to see their words written below their drawings, and this is a great way to connect this activity to literacy learning as well.

#3 Plant Some Flowers

Finally, allow your students to get some hands on experience with plants. Pick up some flowers from your local nursery or garden section of the local department store, and a bunch of small containers. Demonstrate for your students how to fill the containers with dirt, how to put the flower in place, and how to put dirt around the flower. Show your students how much water to give the flowers.

Then, allow your students to plant their own flowers. This will let your students see and feel the entire plant, from the roots to the flower on top, and get first-hand experience with gardening.

You can branch out this activity a lot. You can let your students paint their flower pots before they plant their flowers in them. You can measure the flowers and keep track of how much they grow. You can make watering the flowers a special job. You can send the flowers how as a Mother's or Father's Day gift.

This is a great learning activity that you can add and expand upon based on your students interest and success with growing their own flower. 

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